Work in progress

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I started off as a fine arts photographer, and one of the projects that I concentrated on was urban landscapes at night, shot with a 4×5 camera on film. It was grueling work, but very rewarding. As I got busy with weddings and portraits I stopped working on that project for a long time, but last Saturday I decided to push myself again. The night was beautifully foggy and I couldn’t resist. I left my apartment at 10pm with my 4×5 and came home at 6am. In those 8 hours I produced 8 images, and these are the results. Most were shot in Everett and a few in Somerville.

Disclaimer: these were scanned at home on a crappy scanner and not worked on much. As such they are not complete. I will be printing these myself in a darkroom, at which point the final version of the images will reveal themselves to me.

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