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Andrea & Peter

Andrea and Peter got ready at the Clarion Hotel in Hull, with the Reception at Immaculate Conception in Weymouth and the reception at the Atlantica in Cohasset. Arr matey, here be a few pictures: Andrea gets her beach pail favors from the hotel. She wore these red shoes with her wedding dress. They’re stylin’. Andrea [...]

Memorial Day in Boston

As my cousin’s visit to Boston from Costa Rica drew to a close, Suzi and I decided to take him on a liesurely stroll through Boston. †It was a beautiful day, and I shot some Polaroids and some film with my Holga. † The owner of this car lives right by us. I always forget [...]

Cara & Dave

Cara and Dave were married at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA. Here’s a sneak preview: † The matron of honor looks for a way into the building. Dave stretches. Dave likes to dance. A panorama taken with my Holga. Probably my favorite shot of the night, which also happens to be the very last [...]

Cara & Dave

Ah, cold cold Boston. †I shot Cara & Dave’s engagement session shortly before leaving for Vegas and lemme tell ya, it was tough to go back home. †I didn’t go to Vegas to gamble my cash away though, I went for†WPPI, the largest wedding photography convention and tradeshow in the country. †Pics from the trip [...]

The Somerville Urban Country Fair

Over the course of the next 2 weeks I will be putting up a bit more personal work. I’ve been shooting a ton and I gotta share! First up: the Somerville Arts Council has done a great job of infusing the city with neat art-related events. Yesterday Suzi and I spent some time looking at [...]