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I started off as a fine arts photographer, and one of the projects that I concentrated on was urban landscapes at night, shot with a 4×5 camera on film. It was grueling work, but very rewarding. As I got busy with weddings and portraits I stopped working on that project for a long time, but last Saturday I decided to push myself again. The night was beautifully foggy and I couldn’t resist. I left my apartment at 10pm with my 4×5 and came home at 6am. In those 8 hours I produced 8 images, and these are the results. Most were shot in Everett and a few in Somerville.

Disclaimer: these were scanned at home on a crappy scanner and not worked on much. As such they are not complete. I will be printing these myself in a darkroom, at which point the final version of the images will reveal themselves to me.

Brattle Art House Auction

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Brattle Art Auction

I’ve always enjoyed going to see movies, but when I moved to Boston 11 years ago I became obsessed with film, largely due to the Brattle.  The Brattle is an independent movie theatre that shows old movies as well as independent and foreign films.  Once I saw Welles, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Kurosawa and the like on the big screen it became a major influence on my art.  I even contemplated doing a double major of film and photography at art school, but in the end I chose to focus on the latter so that I could get some sleep once in a while.  Both majors were demanding enough on their own.

So what does the previous long-winded paragraph have to do with the image above?   The Longy School of Music is hosting a silent art auction to benefit the Brattle on Sunday, September 28.  Two of my photographs were accepted to be in the auction, and I’m happy to give back to such an important institution.  More information is here.  These are the two photographs that are being auctioned:

Duomo was taken in Sienna, Italy. It is a 20″x30″ print.

517 was taken on a trip to Philadelphia. It is an 11″x14″ print.

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