Toronto, 2011

Images of Toronto in late August, 2011.

My first all-film Leica wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, RI

Images of an all-film wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, RI. All images shot with a Leica M6, Kodak Portra 400 and 160 film as well as Ilford Delta 3200 developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab, and Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 and 75mm f1.8 lenses.

Vote for your favorite image!

A poll for helping me choose a favorite panorama of Gate’s Pass in Tucson, AZ.

Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival

Images of the Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival, organized by Spontaneous Celebrations.

Shannah by the pool

Images from a model shoot of Shannah in a pool.

Capturing the moment

I won 5th place in the “reception” category of the WPJA’s 2010 2nd quarter contest.

Shakira model shoot in Somerville, Medford and Newburyport, MA

Images of Shakira, a model, taken in Somerville, Medford and Newburyport, MA.

Samantha model shoot

Model shoot of Samantha with a bed of nails at Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain.


Portrait shoot of Marissa, shot on 4×5 film.

Work in progress

Fine art photography of urban landscapes on a foggy night, shot with a 4×5 camera on negative film. The images were produced in Everett and Somerville, MA.

Boston Massacre vs. Port Authority

For the longest time Suzi and I have been dying to see some roller derby, and yesterday we finally got our chance! There were almost 1600 people at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington to see the Boston Massacre battle against Maine’s Port Authority. We won, 128-24. It was a blast. Here’s some images! The announcers. [...]

It’s not easy being green…

…but it’s important. †I have been pushing to make my business a bit more green, by reducing the paperwork I maintain, using an environmentally friendly lab and offering new products that have a smaller carbon footprint. †Now I’m proud to announce that I have been accepted into Greener Photography, a collective of photographers that are [...]

Giving back.

I’ve been meaning to volunteer my time a bit more for good causes, and found the opportunity to do some dog portraits for a pit bull rescue and adoption organization. Buddy was a fantastic model! I love this off-the-cuff moment of Rob, Buddy’s foster dad, telling him to stay. Look at this face. How can [...]

At the Somerville Theatre

Performance at the Somerville Theatre

Lookin’ after the dogs…

Recently Suzi and I had a can’t miss opportunity: my friend and photographer extraordinaire Erin Curran needed someone to look after her two dogs while she and her family went to New York to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. We were happy to oblige! Regis! Bronson! Suzi kept calling him Michael Phelps. Our ferret, [...]

Did you vote?

Suzi and I went to vote early this morning. †There was a sizable line out the door at 7:30am! †The line moved quickly, but it was still 45 minutes before we were out. †Check it: I’m a little grizzly in the morning. Photo by Suzi.


Every year Suzi and I like to dress up for Halloween. †We pretend like we’re not old. †This year, Suzi was a peacock: I’m usually pretty picky about my costume. †I like it to be comfortable, not too expensive to make myself, and semi-obscure/geeky. †I can get a little obsessive over details, like three years [...]

I’m a winnah!

Woot! The results of the ISPWP Fall ’08 contest are in and a few of my images placed in the top 20! As a matter of fact, my images did so well that out of all the talented ISPWP photographers throughout the US that submitted to the contest, I placed 15th overall. Go check out [...]

Brattle Art House Auction

I’ve always enjoyed going to see movies, but when I moved to Boston 11 years ago I became obsessed with film, largely due to the Brattle. †The Brattle is an independent movie theatre that shows old movies as well as independent and foreign films. †Once I saw Welles, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Kurosawa and the like on [...]

It’s been a good week!

I’m feelin’ mighty good lately, and it’s in large part to some of my wedding images winning awards in two photography contests! I’m a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, an organization that prides itself on listing experienced and talented wedding photographers. I entered their 2nd Quarter contest. In addition, I also [...]

Memorial Day in Boston

As my cousin’s visit to Boston from Costa Rica drew to a close, Suzi and I decided to take him on a liesurely stroll through Boston. †It was a beautiful day, and I shot some Polaroids and some film with my Holga. † The owner of this car lives right by us. I always forget [...]

New York City

My cousin is visiting me from Costa Rica all this month, and we decided to make a trip to NYC for 2 days. Here’s a few shots from the trip! This one’s in Cambridge, at the subway on our way to the bus station: This is New York’s subway: Two from Grand Central Station: I’m [...]

See my art this weekend!

My studio building, which houses a lot of artists, will be doing Open Studios this weekend. Sat Nov 17th and Sun Nov 18th, 12-6pm.86 Joy Street in Somerville. I’m in Studio 4. In addition, the Brickbottom artist building a block away is also doing Open Studios, so that’s 125 artists in close vicinity. There’s some [...]


Our morning routine goes like this: Suzi wakes up and starts getting ready for work. I get up, and since I work from home I sleepily walk into my office and browse the web while my brain wakes up. Well, at one point I was making my way to the kitchen when I saw Suzi [...]