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A poll for helping me choose a favorite panorama of Gate’s Pass in Tucson, AZ.

Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival

Images of the Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival, organized by Spontaneous Celebrations.


Portrait shoot of Marissa, shot on 4×5 film.

Work in progress

Fine art photography of urban landscapes on a foggy night, shot with a 4×5 camera on negative film. The images were produced in Everett and Somerville, MA.

Brattle Art House Auction

I’ve always enjoyed going to see movies, but when I moved to Boston 11 years ago I became obsessed with film, largely due to the Brattle. †The Brattle is an independent movie theatre that shows old movies as well as independent and foreign films. †Once I saw Welles, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Kurosawa and the like on [...]

Memorial Day in Boston

As my cousin’s visit to Boston from Costa Rica drew to a close, Suzi and I decided to take him on a liesurely stroll through Boston. †It was a beautiful day, and I shot some Polaroids and some film with my Holga. † The owner of this car lives right by us. I always forget [...]

New York City

My cousin is visiting me from Costa Rica all this month, and we decided to make a trip to NYC for 2 days. Here’s a few shots from the trip! This one’s in Cambridge, at the subway on our way to the bus station: This is New York’s subway: Two from Grand Central Station: I’m [...]

This Sat and Sun: Somerville Open Studios!

Come see a ton of art! Come eat a ton of food! Somerville Open Studios My studio is at 86 Joy St, studio 4. Since it’s a little out of the way (#20 on the SOS map), there will be shuttles from Joy Street to other areas of Somerville. I’m still figuring out what I’ll [...]

See my art this weekend!

My studio building, which houses a lot of artists, will be doing Open Studios this weekend. Sat Nov 17th and Sun Nov 18th, 12-6pm.86 Joy Street in Somerville. I’m in Studio 4. In addition, the Brickbottom artist building a block away is also doing Open Studios, so that’s 125 artists in close vicinity. There’s some [...]

The Somerville Urban Country Fair

Over the course of the next 2 weeks I will be putting up a bit more personal work. I’ve been shooting a ton and I gotta share! First up: the Somerville Arts Council has done a great job of infusing the city with neat art-related events. Yesterday Suzi and I spent some time looking at [...]