Tavin’s a cute little 14-month old! Shel wanted some pictures of her son, so we shot him in and around her house. The little guy loves the grass!

I couldn’t resist this photo op.

2 Responses to “Tavin”

  1. Carolyn Heusmann says:

    I am Tavin’s grandmother and Sell’s mother. I suppose I like any pictures of them, but I have not seen such beautiful pictures as these. Not only are they just visually wonderful but you have truly captured Tavin, his mother and thier relationship. You have shown what an artist can do with a camera and the people we know and love, that the rest of us can’t. Thak you.

    On another topic, Lucy the mini-Dachsund has engaged Zorch, the 110 pound Rotty as his agent. He will be contacting you to negotiate Lucy’s sitting fee which should be paid in dogbones! Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger!!

  2. suz says:

    i love these. the one where the rotty is trying to herd tavin is so funny. it makes me miss my buckaroo. and the one with mom in the window is adorable!

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