Giving back.

I’ve been meaning to volunteer my time a bit more for good causes, and found the opportunity to do some dog portraits for a pit bull rescue and adoption organization. Buddy was a fantastic model!

I love this off-the-cuff moment of Rob, Buddy’s foster dad, telling him to stay.

Look at this face. How can you NOT adopt him?

Rob and Buddy.

3 Responses to “Giving back.”

  1. Hi Johnny,
    WONDERFUL photos of Buddy aka Biggie!!
    Thank you very much for helping us out. :)

    Noreen M. Ford
    PittieLove Rescue, Inc.

  2. Calli T says:

    Beautiful photos! We had Biggie – now Buddy – here at our shelter originally. He looks so handsome! You did some fantastic shots!
    Thanks so much for helping him.

  3. Loretta says:

    These are fantantic! What a great photographer you must be! I am an old friend of Biggie/Buddy from the MSPCA. He is quite a beauty, as we have always known. And even more so now that he is blossoming under Robbie’s care! Thank you for doing these photos. I’m sure they will help him find a great home.


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