Andrea & Peter

Andrea and Peter got ready at the Clarion Hotel in Hull, with the Reception at Immaculate Conception in Weymouth and the reception at the Atlantica in Cohasset. Arr matey, here be a few pictures:

Andrea gets her beach pail favors from the hotel.

She wore these red shoes with her wedding dress. They’re stylin’.

Andrea waits for Peter. They wanted to see each other before the ceremony.

We shot a few formals before the ceremony. Here’s a Polaroid:

This Church rocked my socks!

After the ceremony I was driving towards the Atlantica when I saw this in a baseball field and I knew I had to get ‘em out here for a shot!

Andrea and her dad make faces at yours truly.

End of the night!

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  1. Mary Ann Richard says:

    Hi Johnny,
    This is Andrea’s mom. She called from St John to have us look at what you’ve done so far. The look fantastic. They’ll be home late thursday night, I’m sure they will be in touch. My email is Can’t wait to see them all. Thanks for doing a great job. Mary Ann & Ray Richard

  2. Lunell says:

    FANTASTIC wide shot of the church and I really like the light in the school bus shot as well. Nice wedding!

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