Jackie & Brent

Jackie and Brent were married at an orthodox ceremony in Natick, with their reception taking place at the Saphire Estate in Sharon. Here’s some photo goodness:

The bride gets ready

The father of the bride helps her down the stairs

Formal of the groom and the bride

The groom leaves for the reception

Just before walking down the aisle

Orthodox ceremony

Orthodox ceremony 2

Detail shot


Not only did they get to wear capes…

The bride and groom wear capes!

They are crowned, too!

The bride and groom are crowned

Priest with incense

The wedding rings

Flower girls

Church shot with chandelier

Paying the limo driver

First dance

The bride with a flower girl

The bride and groom eat dinner

A shot of the rings.

A shot of the rings

The flower girls and the bartender

Guests singing karaoke

The bride

Another bride and groom formal

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