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Ian goes to the Berklee College of Music. I hadn’t used my blue backdrop in a long time, and I thought it would be perfect for this shoot.

Dave Mirabella

Dave is a musician that is starting up his career again after taking a break. Check out his website or myspace page!

Dottie & Rich

I was hired by Dottie’s niece last year to shoot her wedding, so as Dottie planned her St. Patrick’s Day wedding the following year she had me set in her sights. Here is a preview of the images! Each guest found a surprise under their plates: a scratch ticket. Some were rather, uh, “resourceful” in [...]


I took some portraits with Julie out in Jamaica Plain, a suburb of Boston. We kept it quick, as it got chilly really quickly!


Normally I don’t do a ton of post processing to my images, but for this shoot I wanted to go for a high-end fashion vibe. I really enjoyed tinkering with the images!


Our morning routine goes like this: Suzi wakes up and starts getting ready for work. I get up, and since I work from home I sleepily walk into my office and browse the web while my brain wakes up. Well, at one point I was making my way to the kitchen when I saw Suzi [...]

Alice & Nick

Alice goes to my alma mater, Mass College of Art, and she wanted some pictures of her and her boyfriend in an edgier style. It was my pleasure.

Lorntell, The Broken West, Minky Starshine

Lorntell, The Broken West, Minky Starshine

Sometimes I shoot bands that have hired me, and sometimes I just want to hear some good music and I happen to bring my camera along. Last night was the latter. Lorntell The Broken West Minky Starshine & the New Cardinals

Claire and Chris

Claire and Chris

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first post of my blog! I will begin by showing a few images from the first wedding I shot this year. In the future I will post plenty of work, from weddings, engagement shoots and portraits to my personal, fine arts work. Enjoy!