Shakira model shoot in Somerville, Medford and Newburyport, MA

Images of Shakira, a model, taken in Somerville, Medford and Newburyport, MA.

Shannah model shoot

Model shoot of Shannah in Rockport, MA.

Samantha model shoot

Model shoot of Samantha with a bed of nails at Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain.


Portrait shoot of Marissa, shot on 4×5 film.

Giving back.

I’ve been meaning to volunteer my time a bit more for good causes, and found the opportunity to do some dog portraits for a pit bull rescue and adoption organization. Buddy was a fantastic model! I love this off-the-cuff moment of Rob, Buddy’s foster dad, telling him to stay. Look at this face. How can [...]

Headshots of MissionSafe actors

I donated my time to do some headshots of actors that are a part of the MissionSafe youth program, in conjunction with Simmons College. These kids were energetic and fun to shoot! Group shot! This is Kartina, the kids’ teacher. After the shoot I went to an ATM and outside the door I saw this [...]

The Somerville Urban Country Fair

Over the course of the next 2 weeks I will be putting up a bit more personal work. I’ve been shooting a ton and I gotta share! First up: the Somerville Arts Council has done a great job of infusing the city with neat art-related events. Yesterday Suzi and I spent some time looking at [...]


I took some portraits with Julie out in Jamaica Plain, a suburb of Boston. We kept it quick, as it got chilly really quickly!


Our morning routine goes like this: Suzi wakes up and starts getting ready for work. I get up, and since I work from home I sleepily walk into my office and browse the web while my brain wakes up. Well, at one point I was making my way to the kitchen when I saw Suzi [...]

Alice & Nick

Alice goes to my alma mater, Mass College of Art, and she wanted some pictures of her and her boyfriend in an edgier style. It was my pleasure.