Toronto, 2011

This weekend I will be heading to Toronto for a friend’s wedding (as a guest, how odd!) and I was reminded of my trip there last year. I took my old school Nikon FA, a bunch of new and expired film, and shot like crazy. Many thanks to awesome friend and photographer Jessica for giving me a place to crash! Here’s a few images from the trip.

Logan Airport, early morning.

Logan Airport early morning light

In Toronto, waiting for the ferry to take us from the airport to the mainland.

I love the imperfection of expired film. Digital is, at times, too perfect.

The CN Tower.

CN Tower

Kids playing on the glass floor at the top of the tower. While Jess and I were inside, 1,815 feet above the city, everyone’s cell phones started going off.
There was an earthquake in Virginia which was felt on Toronto’s streets! We didn’t feel a thing.

CN Tower glass floor

A tribute to beloved politician Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party, who recently passed away.

Jess. I love the texture of all that grain.

Window inside Jess’ studio.

Inside the Art Gallery of Ontario.

A sculpture, a hand. The devil is in the details.

Toronto’s growing! There’s construction everywhere.

Airport, waiting to board.

Back in Boston.

In Cambridge, waiting for the bus. Ceiling of Lechmere Station.

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  1. ken says:

    nice stuff, j

  2. Jessica says:

    It’s fun to see your home city through outsiders eyes. Love it.

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