Kelly & Ryan

I know Ryan from college. We both worked on the school newspaper: he did fantastic design work, and I was one of the editors, ruling over him with an iron fist. And lemme tell ya, iron fists are heavy.

Everyone got a beer from a microbrewery, labeled with their name.

I got an IPA. Best served cold indeed!

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  1. Kelly Duda says:

    Hey Johnny!! Thanks for these gorgeous pics! My favorite part is when you say the beer is from a “microbrewery” … we brewed that beer ourselves! Somerville’s finest — the Duda Brewing Company!

  2. Karen McLoud says:

    Wow Johnny! I’m blown away with this sneak preview. You sure brought smiles to the “mother of the bride” tonight. Looking forward to the next wave from Squam! Karen McLoud

  3. Dean Fairchild says:

    Wow, what a beautiful bride! And yeah, the groom is not too shabby. Take a look at the flower girls – - the power of television…. Johnny these are fabulous. Can’t wait to see more.
    Dean aka FOFGs

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